Change is in the Air…

Wow, this week!  Ever so often, you experience a period of time where you can literally feel life changing all around you.  This has been that kind of week for me.  But, the difference this time, is that I have been much more present and soaking in each new experience, each new feeling.  I feel alive and excited about the future, trusting God for everything.


The kids’ first day at The Cambridge School was awesome!

However, the morning involved some unanticipated situations.  First of all, the long awaited backyard construction project we’ve been looking forward to, finally started!  We had a crew of workers at the house, which made our sweet, neurotic dog Claira bark her head off half the morning.  Goodness gracious.

Then, when we arrived at school, Sienna ran off with her friend Alice and Teo walked out to the blacktop alone.  Dennis and I were standing off to one end of the playground and watching Teo. He had his hands in the pockets of his khaki pants, looking around the playground.  It broke my heart!  Teo didn’t look upset, but he clearly didn’t have a friend or group of friends to join.  It was hard to watch and tears sprung to my eyes.  Soon Sienna and her buddy ran up to us.  Dennis pointed toward Teo and said, “Maybe you could include your brother?”  Sienna and Alice ran to Teo and gestured for him to follow them toward the jungle gym.  It was very sweet.  Such an emotional rollercoaster for me!


To begin the day at The Cambridge School, they gather as a grammar school to recite the Pledge of Alliance and then have a morning devotion including singing part of a hymn and prayer.  What a delightfully wonderful way to start the day!  I plan to stay for the morning devotion as often as possible.

So, the backyard is torn apart and we can’t wait to see the transformation.  We’re all getting settled into a new school routine, which is so fulfilling and inspiring.  We’re looking forward to having a backyard with more entertaining space so we can host fellowship opportunities for our friends, old and new!

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