About Kelsey


Kelsey Bonilla_ 003aHi, I’m Kelsey. I was born and raised in the small, coastal town of Eureka in Northern California (like real NoCal, a couple hours from Oregon).  Growing up in the redwoods was beautiful and wonderful.  As a teenager I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (aka juvenile diabetes, aka T1D).  Living with this disease has shaped me in countless ways over the past 24 years, as of July 27th – “my diabetes anniversary”.  After graduating from St. Bernard’s High School, I attended St. Mary’s College of California in the East Bay. I LOVED my undergraduate program: Integral Liberal Arts.  All my classes were with the same small group of students (we were a graduating class of 14!).  We read the classic writings of Western thought and studied Ancient Greek so we could translate texts ourselves.  It was amazing! To complete my lifetime tour of California, I headed to San Diego after college and have lived here ever since.  I met my amazing husband, Dennis, at work before starting a Masters program in History.  In that program I studied history through the lenses of race, class, and space. It opened my eyes to a lot of new people and ideas.  I would truly be a lifelong student, if I could afford it!  After a semester of living on loans in graduate school, I figured I should get a full time job since my MA in History wasn’t going to be very lucrative!  Twelve (!) years later, I’m still with the same accounting firm – having been promoted a few times and finding a really great niche for my skill set and personality.  Dennis and I have two delightful children, Sienna and Mateo (aka Teo).  They are the lights of our life.  We’re very involved in our church: Grace Lutheran.  Our faith is the bedrock of everything.  This blog is about everything that touches my life, peeks my interest, or moves my soul.  Thank you for visiting!

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