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Welcome to Be Still and Know! I’m Kelsey and this blog came about in the winter of 2014 after a very painful season in my life. I describe it as my “awakening”. A period of anxiety and insomnia triggered a searching and deepening self-awareness which ultimately led to surrendering to God and trusting Him more completely. I learned a lot of mindfulness skills that allowed my very active mind to rest and Be Still.

In the years since my awakening, I’ve continued to learn and grow, stumble and fall as I try to live with intention and reliance on God. The Serenity Prayer is my mantra, as I seek to discern what is mine to courageously change and what is mine to wisely accept.

My daily life is very full! My precious husband is now a stay-at-home dad to our children. Sienna and Mateo are extremely fortunate to attend a classical, Christian school which blesses all of our lives. It’s also very rigorous and is teaching us all to embrace a growth mindset in the daily effort of learning grammar, Latin, mathematics, and even Mandarin!

My job at a CPA firm also provides many opportunities for both professional and personal growth. The Team I manage is spread out among seven locations in Southern California and requires a fair amount of travel. While it’s hard to be away from my family, these periods of solitude on the road have provided a chance for me to rest, pray, read, and restore my soul. Managing people is a great teacher of all sorts of lessons. I’m learning to connect, instruct, listen, and lead a group of about 25 individuals. As I told the Team as I took over managing on my own, “I don’t love taxes or audits. I love people. Now my job gets to be 100% about people, and I’m so excited!” Leading is also extremely humbling, as the failures and missteps provide amble opportunity to grow.

This blog is called Be Still and Know because stillness and recognizing God’s presence in my life were missing for many years before I awoke. It continues to be a day-to-day practice for me to let go of the stories in my mind, accept my emotions, and trust God. I’ve learned so much about how my attention and awareness impact my life. I want this blog to mostly be a place where I share the tender moments of connection I experience, when I am still and present to all the goodness in life.

I’m letting go of my need for control and perfection on a daily basis; reminding myself that God’s grace is sufficient for me. Come join me on the journey!

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