Sienna's Poems

Sienna’s “Poem”

untitledEarlier this week, Sienna told me she wanted to write a blog post! She sat down with a library book she’s been enjoying and typed out the text. The “poem” she typed is called I Love my Mommy, by Sebastien Braun.  It’s a sweet book about animals loving their mommies.  I was touched that she choose this book.

She was very focused and determined as she copied from the book, typing away at my computer. When she was done we had a good talk about what plagiarism is and she admitted that she was borrowing someone else’s thoughts.

However, she wants to start sharing some of her poems on Be Still and Know.  I love the idea!  For now, here’s what she copied:

I love my mommy.

My mommy watches me while I play.

My mommy takes me swimming.

My mommy helps me to climb.

My mommy stays by my side.

My mommy cleans me up.

My mommy feeds me.

My mommy plays games with me.

My mommy works really hard.

My mommy carries me when I am tired.

My mommy cuddles me.

My mommy is always there for me.

I love my girl.