Stopping the Flow of Words…

This time of resting in prayer has been completely rejuvenating and peace inducing.  Much of my inspiration for the idea of “resting in prayer” came from this article: At a Loss for Words: Finding Prayer Through Liturgy, Silence, and Embodiment.  Particularly this quote from the book Sacred Rhythms struck me:

Eventually, when we stop the flow of our own words, another gift comes to us, quietly and imperceptibly at first: we find ourselves resting in prayer. . . . We rest our overactive, hardworking mind from the need to put everything into words. We rest from clinging, grasping and trying to figure everything out. The soul returns to its most natural state in God. In returning and rest you will be saved. (p. 69)

imagesWRHK3SOAWhenever I’ve experienced that anxiety of being excessively in my head, it felt like I was trying to “figure everything out”.  If you look back this phrase pops up repeatedly in old blog posts.  When I read this article and specifically this quote, I just started to cry.  It felt like an answer to a prayer as my anxiety and struggle finally ceased.

I’m currently reading an amazing book: Forgotten Amongst the Lilies: Learning to Love Beyond Our Fears by Ronald Rolheiser.  My best friend recommended it and I’m loving it!  In the first section, I highlighted nearly the entire 25 pages!  It addresses a similar theme of human restlessness and the need for God’s love to redeem and fulfill us.

Rather than trying to analyze and write anything yet, I’m just absorbing the wisdom and praying for continued growth of my faith. But, I’m excited to share my thoughts… once I can formulate them.

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