Resting in Prayer

I’ll confess: this is the third blog post I’ve started in the last three days.  The prior two have been trashed because they simply didn’t take life.


I had many thoughts – seeking, analytical, probing thoughts – that were obviously not inspired by God because they fell flat and eventually died.

After several deep, emotional writings a couple weeks back, I’ve felt a certain pressure to keep the content coming.  But, you can’t manufacture that type of depth or intensity.

Art, writing, creative mediums of all types are inspired by emotions rather than rational or logical ideas.  Trying to create something moving from my analytical thoughts is to labor in vain.

So, instead, I pray.

I ask God to inspire my words and make this little space on the internet something that honors Him and blesses the author and readers.

And then I wait.

I rest in stillness and listen.

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