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Putting Family First

Without a doubt, the most precious thing that “being in the moment” has improved is my presence and perspective on Dennis, Sienna, and Mateo.

When Dennis and Teo come home in the evenings, I greet them with “Hi boys!” and make a point to give hugs and kisses as soon as possible (often I’m up to my elbows in dinner preparation).

93 013I spend a lot more time looking closely at my kids – seeing the curve of their chin, their sweet eyes, and watching them break into smiles and giggles.  I often say little prayers of thanksgiving for the joy of being their mom.

Whereas there were times that I took my husband for granted or dismissed what he wanted to talk about – I now cherish the time we have together to talk about our day, cuddle, and often express gratitude at being married to a loving, caring, dedicated man.

Awhile ago, it struck me that – with all the fullness in our lives, all the things to do, responsibilities to fulfill, and relationships to nurture, when it’s all said and done – the most important people in my life are these three.  Choosing to make these relationships THE priority of my time and energy will yield abundant love and joy in life.

I was blessed with this husband and these precious children.  It’s not just my privilege but my calling to love and care for them.

My daily calendar gave me this sweet reminder today:


“A Happy Family is Heaven on Earth.”

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