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Since many of my readers know me personally, you likely already know that I have Type 1 Diabetes (or T1D, as it’s hip to call it nowadays).  You may not know that I blogged in the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) for several years.  (Also, diabetics like acronyms!)  After having my own blog for a short time, I started blogging for HealthCentral’s diabetes page when I was pregnant with Sienna.  That arrangement lasted the better part of 6 years.  It was cool to share my pregnancies, challenges, and triumphs with diabetes during that time of life.

A couple years back I realized that, for me, blogging about diabetes had run it’s course. I wanted to write about other topics – hence this blog!  But, I’m still a peripheral member of the DOC and follow a few blogs very faithfully, including Six Until Me – my personal favorite.

Right now there’s a very cool campaign running in the DOC, one that I wanted to share with my readers (i.e. family and friends!).  It’s called Spare a Rose, Save a Child and is run by an organization called Partnering for Diabetes Change.  This group was founded my several members of the DOC, including Kerri from Six Until Me and another online friend, Scott Johnson. Hi Scott!

What is Spare a Rose, Save a Child?  From their FAQs:

“Spare a Rose, Save a Child is an online effort that raises money and awareness for IDF’s Life for a Child program, which provides life-saving diabetes supplies to children in developing countries. Initiated by a group of members from the Diabetes Online Community in 2013, the idea behind this effort is simple: people are encouraged take the typical “dozen roses,” so popular on Valentine’s Day, and donate the value of one rose to spare the life of a child.”

roseFor the cost of one rose ($5) – the International Diabetes Federation is able to provide a one month supply of insulin or blood glucose monitoring supplies to a needy child.  Insulin is truly lifesaving for children with diabetes.  In America we complain about the cost of this necessary drug, but in many parts of the world, children are dying for lack of insulin.

We just made a donation to this worthy cause and Dennis promised not to buy me roses for Valentine’s Day this year. 🙂

Please consider donating to Spare a Rose, Save a Child.

Thank you!

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  1. In honor of Valentine’s Day and all those who can’t afford needed insulin and supplies, I will be “sparing some roses and saving a child.” Thank you for bringing this to my attention. xo

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