Light Has Come

The other day I headed out for a morning run with our dog Claira.  I was excited to listen to Christmas music (my favorite!) while running on a beautiful and very crisp morning.

The second song that played was “Hallelujah (Light Has Come)” by BarlowGirl.  I heard the song a few times last year and thought it was gorgeous.  But, on this morning it touched me deeply.  The first chorus got me a little choked up.

As I made my first lap around the ball fields, the lyrics of the chorus:

“Hallelujah, we’ve been found. A child is born to save us now, Jesus. Hallelujah, light has come.  A savior who will set us free. A promise for those who believe.”

filled my ears as I gazed on an amazing sunrise coming up over the hills.  It was so beautiful I was overcome with emotion and started crying.


I was able to pull myself together and finish a good run.  When I got home I immediately went to the computer to find this YouTube video of the song.  I played it for Dennis and later for the kids.  When I told Sienna I cried while running at the park, she was mortified and asked “Did anyone see you?!”  I assured her that no one saw me.

I’m so grateful for the gift of Jesus, our Savior.  The Christmas season, with all it’s busyness and distractions, is truly about the incarnation of God in Christ Jesus.  I hope you enjoy this beautiful song as much as I do!


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