A Tender Moment at Target

I’d just gotten a coffee at Starbucks within Target as I grabbed a cart to begin my leisurely shopping trip.  As I started to push the cart, I noticed a cute little boy and his mom entering the store.  The little boy was holding a sandwich bag full of coins and he began twirling it around. As I passed them, suddenly there came a crashing sound of the bag hitting the ground and coins scattering everywhere.

863587-Pile-of-american-coins--Stock-Photo“Braden, oh no!” exclaimed his mom.

I turned around to her, “Do you need some help?” I asked as I got down on my knees to start gathering coins.

Another woman who was shopping nearby and one of the male Target employees quickly joined our efforts.  The mom thanked us repeatedly as she encouraged Braden to do his share of picking up.

I glanced at Braden, who looked to be around four years old.  He sat solemnly watching us clean up the money.  His mom told us that this was the money he’d earned so he could buy a Lego set he wanted.  As she thanked us again, I told her, “I have a four year old son too. I can so relate.”

At his mother’s prompting, Braden thanked us after all the coins were safely back in his baggie.

Walking away from this scene, I got choked up with emotion.  What a tender moment to be a part of!  This little guy accidentally dropped all his money and was obviously embarrassed.  Instead of that moment becoming worse as his flustered mom and him had to pick up all those scattered coins, a few strangers jumped in to quickly fix the problem.  I hope that he’ll come away from this knowing that people care and will help each other.

Before heading to the store, I’d been talking with one of the women on my Team at work about loving our children.  We spoke of the tender moments that touch your heart and remind you of what’s really important in life.  Those moments that truly matter.

This moment at Target reminded me that the opportunity for tender moments are all around us, if we’re present and connected to the people and circumstances that are happening in the here and now.

As I took some deep breaths and dried my misty eyes, I said a little prayer of thanksgiving that God put that moment in my life.  I was grateful that he helped me to be present and connected to these strangers so that I could show his love.

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  1. Such truth sister!! We get to be Christ to others when we are not rushing around being “busy” all the time! Such a good reminder!! So glad you got the grace God had for you in that moment!! And that he used you to be grace for that little guy and his mama!! Xo

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