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Helping Hands

As we were rushing to get out the door this morning, I had the opportunity to slow down and focus on what really matters in my life.  And, as is so often the case, it was one of my children teaching me the lesson.

004I was making my final trip to the car, ushering Sienna out the door while turning off lights and setting the alarm.  My hands were full of keys, my full water bottle, and her booster seat (which was making it’s Monday morning transition back to my car).

Sienna had some breakfast in her hand and her backpack on.  She suddenly asked me, “Mom, can I carry something for you?  I have a free hand that I can take something since your hands are full.”

In my haste, I said, “Thanks honey, that’s okay, let’s just get into the car, we need to go” as I left her in the garage to slip back inside and turn off one last light.

Stop, I thought.  She wants to help me.

I came back to the garage where Sienna was just turning to walk toward the car.

“Actually, yes I’d love some help.  Would you please carry my water bottle for me?”  I asked Sienna as I shuffled the items in my full hands.

“Yes, I can!” She enthusiastically replied as I tucked the bottle into her open arm.

“That’s so helpful, Love Girl.  Thank you.”  I said.

Her smile beamed back at me as we walked to the car together.

So much good happened in that little moment.  Sienna saw her mom needing help and offered to serve me.  She felt confidence at being able to do something to help.  We shared the days work and bonded over our common goal of getting out the door to school and work.

Most of all, I loved to see her smile and experience the joy of helping someone else.

These little moments get lost when life is too busy, too chaotic, too full.  It was such a good reminder not to let myself become so rushed that I miss these wonderful teachable moments.

For both of us.

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