Today I turn thirty-five years old.

This birthday feels different.  It feels like a milestone. Somehow more than 30 did.  I think I know why.

candlesBeing present, staying in the moment, and connecting with the people and experiences around me has changed me more than I can express.  In any given day, week, month, or year there are ups and downs, moments of joyful bliss and utter frustration. Feeling these emotions and being open to the world around me has made everything feel more real.

The past couple months have brought particular growing experiences, some more painful than others. I feel, deep down to my toes, that the huge changes I’ve been through the past couple years have allowed me to navigate these recent situations with grace, openness, and trust in God. I’m regularly thanking God for seeing me through all of these lessons so I can be used by him to serve those around me.

Remaining focused on my neediness for Christ has turned out to be such a liberating state of mind.  Imagine, rather than trying to do everything perfectly, I can let go of that impossibility and instead pray that God will direct my paths and teach me how to better serve him and love my neighbors.

I’m so grateful for all of the blessings that have brought me to this age and place in life.  My husband is my best friend and I cherish our relationship more each day.  Sienna and Mateo are the lights of my life – their simple smiles, conversations, and cuddles bring me immense joy.  My extended family – Mom, aka Gaga, Dad, Moni, Sarsies, Case, Rob, Leah, and my nephews enrich my life so much.  I love our close friends and church family!  Grace Lutheran is a second home to us and I adore it so.  My work continues to be interesting and challenging. I look forward to going to the office and seeing what difference I can make each day.  After over 21 years of diabetes, I am healthy, relatively fit, and know how to eat and manage this disease without too much trouble.

Ultimately, I am a citizen of Christ’s kingdom and am learning what that means for my life more each day.  Thank you for your support and encouragement as I share my lessons here.

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