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Football Musings

If you know my husband, even a little bit, you know that he LOVES football.  Literally, it’s his favorite thing in the world (after his wife and children, I’d like to think).  His teams are the Miami Dolphins and the University of Miami (“The U”) Hurricanes.  Watching football games together has been a part of our relationship from the beginning.  I recall going to Hooters for a Dolphins’ game when we were still just coworkers and friends, a few months before we started dating.

Dennis quickly indoctrinated me into the culture and excitement of college football.  Watching all the bowl games our first New Years together was so much fun!  We even made a trip to Miami to catch both a Hurricanes and Dolphins game in one quick weekend.  Awesome memories!

As our family grew and priorities shifted, our days of watching football for half the weekend were long gone.  Our routine of eating breakfast while watching the Dolphins at Rock Bottom Brewery downtown is just memory.  Luckily we now have NFL Season Ticket and the ability to DVR games and watch them (commercial free!) after church.  Now we can get Sienna and Mateo into the family tradition of cheering for our (yes, somewhat random) Miami teams.

Dennis and I are fortunate to share a love of sports, but still this sign made me giggle when I saw it (and I can relate to the sentiment):

July 2013 255

Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of football season!

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