Toasting my Diabetes!

rum and diet
My diabetes turns 21 years old today, so it’s going to celebrate with a drink, of course.

Last year was a big anniversary for my life with type 1 diabetes and it fell during the height of my awakening. Whether reaching that milestone with a chronic disease was a catalyst for this trying time in my life or just a coincidence, I’m still not sure. Either way, it felt significant to cross that mark on the timeline of my life with this disease.

After 21 years, I can barely remember what life was like before I had to calculate an insulin dose prior to each meal. I can’t imagine the freedom of not worrying about blood sugar. It’s just part of my life.

Life with diabetes mirrors many other areas of life in that it causes feelings across the emotional spectrum. There are times when I’m utterly frustrated with swinging blood sugars; exhausted from riding the rollercoaster of blood sugars that leaves me feeling emotionally and physically drained. Other times I feel a sense of pride and satisfaction at being able to maintain my health and I’m thankful for being complication free after two decades of diabetes.

I don’t spend too much time being angry and I’ve never asked “Why me?”. I would line up for a cure as quickly as possible, should one be available, but I’m not holding my breath.

Tomorrow I’ll wake up and start the clock on my 22nd year with diabetes. I’ll test my blood 10-12 times and give myself 5-7 insulin injections. I’ll plan low carb meals and fit in some exercise to help with my metabolism and therefore blood sugar management.

Tonight I’m getting a kick out of the idea of my diabetes reaching drinking age; and I’m looking forward to a rum and Diet Coke (with lots of lime juice) this evening!

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  1. Happy 21st Anniversary!! You are the perfect example of what it means to take care of yourself when dealing with a chronic illness. Congratulations for taking such good care of yourself! xo

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