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A Book Worth Reading: Falling Together by Marisa de los Santos

This is the third of Marisa de los Santos’s books that I’ve read this year.  I thoroughly enjoyed the first two and Falling Together did not break the streak.  I loved this book!

10380686This story is about love, relationships, and life.  Pen (short for Penelope), the protagonist, is a woman in her late twenties.  She’s dealing with heartache in her life and missing her two best friends from college.  Pen, Cat (short for Catalina), and Will were inseparable through college.  As they entered the next stage of their life, they couldn’t figure out how to maintain their friendship without being a trio (the term they prefer to “threesome”).

When Pen and Will each receive an email from Cat saying that she needed to see them, six years after their dramatic separation, they respond by attending a college reunion.  Eagerly anticipating and expecting to reunite with Cat, they discover she wasn’t the sender of the email and an adventure ensues.

Marisa de los Santos is a poet and writes in a creative and beautiful style.  She illuminates feelings and ways of looking at the world that expand my emotional spectrum.  All of her books are about love and how people navigate the relationships with those they love.  The ending of this book had me in tears and made me feel that life and love are amazingly precious.

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