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A Book Worth Reading: The Reading Promise by Alice Ozma

010Have you ever picked up a book and known you were going to love it? That’s how I felt about The Reading Promise. I saw it in my favorite bookstore, Upstart Crow, probably a dozen times before I bought it. I didn’t get it right away because I’ve been using the library to feed my reading habit instead of buying books. But, there was also a sense of purposeful delayed gratification at play. I knew this book would be wonderful and wanted my enthusiastic anticipation to last a bit longer.

Last November, on our anniversary, Dennis and I enjoyed a date day that included (as they often do) a trip to Seaport Village and Upstart Crow. A perfect opportunity to buy The Reading Promise and start reading it that day!

This book is a memoir which is my favorite genre. I love people and learning about their lives. Not much is more interesting to me than how other people feel and think. This book is the story of a young woman named Alice Ozma. From her website:

When Alice Ozma was nine years old, her father made a promise: to read to her every night, without missing a night, for one-hundred nights. But once the pair met their goal, they couldn’t stop. 100 became 1,000, and eventually, they decided to read as long as they possibly could. The Reading Streak, as they called it, ultimately lasted 3,218, finally ending on Alice’s first day of college.

Reading has always been my favorite activity. I was the kid reading with a flashlight under the covers after my parents sent me to bed. I’ve read to Sienna each night since she was five months old. Now Dennis and I switch off with the kids, but reading was something she and I shared nightly for about four years straight. Reading at night to the kids is the time I treasure most in my day. A story about a parent reading to their child every day for years on end? Yes, please.

The book is rich with life situations and the lessons that Alice learned through the books she and her dad shared. I loved the goal that this father and daughter set. It reminded me why books are so special and provide such a unique way to bond with a child. It also gave me relief to learn that reading to kids at older ages is just as valuable as when they are young. I’d been dreading the day when Sienna and Mateo didn’t want to be read to anymore – now I can push that end out, way out.

I loved The Reading Promise and I bet you would too!

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