“Group Hug!”


I can’t recall when it first started. Probably over a year ago.  One night, after the kids had bathed, gotten into their pajamas, and brushed their teeth, we were ready to start reading books.  I think it was me that said, “Group hug!”  The kids were puzzled, not having heard this phrase before.  Dennis and I scooped them into a big hug.  They giggled, we giggled.  We went on to sporadically do family group hugs before bed.

023Recently, I suppose now that Mateo is also old enough to prompt the hug habit, we’re doing group hugs at bedtime every night.   It’s always right before reading books (the parents and kids switch, back-and-forth each night – which is nice because we all get to have one-on-one time).  Typically, either Sienna or Mateo will call out “Group hug!” and we all gather in the entryway / entrance to the kids’ bedrooms / dining area.  This is the offical place for group hugs.  If we’re all in one of the kids rooms when the group hug is called for, we all troop out to the official hug spot.  I’ve thought about how this place is the heart of the home, literally right in the middle of our house – basically the major artery between the bedrooms, living area, and entrance.  It’s like  our house is encircling and embracing our family!

I LOVE this tradition!  It’s a sweet, silly way to demonstrate our family togetherness.  We each love one another, individually and we love each other as a family.  I hope that this continues and becomes part of the Bonilla family culture.  I can see us doing group hugs at milestones like graduations, weddings, and other special events.

Sienna’s consulting with me about this post.  She just told me to write, “Group hugs always make my mom choke up.”   She’s right.  I love it.

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