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Mateo and Mommy

My second Mother’s Day event this week was the Grace Lutheran Mother’s Day Tea on Friday. This was the first year to celebrate the tea with just Mateo. Sometimes I feel sad that Teo doesn’t get the same one-on-one time that Sienna, as the oldest, got for those three years she was an only child. So, I love any chance to spend time just the two of us!

I got there a little early and got enlisted to help finish up the food, which I was happy to do. I’d just washed my hands and announced that I was going to get Teo from his classroom when I saw a teacher bring in a bunch of the kids. I spotted Teo and made a beeline for him. He wasn’t facing my direction and I saw him scan the room of mothers, clearly looking for his. I felt a rush of emotion seeing him look concerned and so vulnerable, plus the rush of excitement of anticipating his face breaking into a smile when he finally saw me. My expectations weren’t off. I said, “Teo, I’m right here.” He turned around the broke into the biggest, best grin and folded into my arms as I stooped down to hug him. Love is awesome.

TeoLunch was nice- I had chicken salad on an amazing multigrain bread (anytime I eat bread is a momentous occasion!). Teo and I got to chat – I asked him about his Wee Dance class that had just ended. We chatted with the other moms and kids at our table. This was a much lower key event that Sienna’s performance, but really fun and relaxing. At one point in our meal, Teo asked the little boy next to him (either Carson or Garrett – they’re twins!): “Wanna chase me?” Sure enough, the end of lunch turned into the kids running around the Fellowship Hall while moms and teachers told them to slow down and otherwise diverted disaster. Fairly typical for preschool events.

002Mateo’s gifts for me made me giggle and cry. One is this picture of him holding a flower in a frame that says “If you were a flower in the Garden of Love – I’d choose you.” Cute. My favorite was this sheet of questions that he answered about his mom (his teacher interviewed him):

My Mom’s name is: “I think it’s mommy”

She is special because: “she goes to bed”

I like it when my Mom: “makes good lunches”

My Mom can do anything! I think she is best at: “going to bed, and I don’t know…”

My Mom has the best smile. It makes her smile when I: “make silly faces”

My Mom is so smart! She even knows: “how to go potty”

My Mom is as pretty as: “a wedding dress”

I asked Mateo if the going to bed comments meant me going to sleep or me putting him to bed? He confirmed what I guessed, he was referring to me putting him to bed. Our nightly routine is the best part of my day too. The potty comment made me laugh so hard I cried!

001At the bottom Teo wrote his name! I know I’m biased but looks pretty good for a 3 year old. 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommy’s out there!

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  1. What a special day with your boy! Those are great answers, especially the last one. These are memories to cherish and hold close to your heart!

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