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The Whole Wide Rainbow

Our little guy Mateo (aka Teo) is really coming into his own and displaying quite a personality!  My favorite thing he often says is the inspritation for this blog title: “I love you in the whole wide world and Jesus made you in the whole wide rainbow!”  He’ll tell us this in response to “I love you, Teo!” or really for any reason.  This video was my attempt to record him saying this endearing phrase:

He’s also got some interesting little quirks.  The most ridiculous is his absolute hatred for mommy wearing a ponytail.  Whenever my hair is pulled back he becomes really upset and begs me to take it out.  “Mommy, no ponytail!” he’ll whine and cry.  If he even sees me reach to pull my hair off my neck, he’ll shout “Mommy, don’t put your hair in a ponytail!”  I’ve tried to figure out why it bothers him and he’ll say it’s scary.  I think it just doesn’t look like mommy to him.  For the record, I don’t take a ponytail out at his pleading.  But, I may postpone pulling my hair back until he’s left for school sometimes… why stress him out unnecessarily, right?

It’s so fun to watch him grow and display all these parts of his personality.  Sweet, loving, quirky… he’s just our Teo.

Photo credit: Sienna Bonilla
Photo credit: Sienna Bonilla

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