Take Your Child to Work Day!

I’m been looking forward to having Sienna participate in my office’s “Take Your Child to Work Day” event for quite some time.  Today was the day!  We had a whole day full of activities, present-ations, and fun planned for the kids.  Sienna, at 6 years old, was the youngest. I’d say the average age of the ten kids was about 9 years old.

Sienna comes to the office fairly often so I figured she’d be in her element.  However, I forgot how shy she tends to get in new situations.  Typically she’s just hanging out with my team or sitting in my office drawing.  Today was a much more structured event and she got really clingy when it was time for me to leave her with the group in the conference room. So, I got to join the group!

003It was cool to watch her gradually warm up.  After some coaxing she finally sat in one of the big executive chairs around the conference table.  She participated in the activities, and concentrated really hard on the 100 point connect-the-dot puzzle the Auditors handed out during their presentation.  Mid morning the kids headed out for a bit of exercise with our resident fitness coach.  She loved running around, playing “Red Light, Green Light” and trying to stand on one foot while stretching.

Before lunch she was in my office for an hour.  I had some scheduling to do and it was an easy thing for her to help with.  I’d tell her what names to type or how many hours to enter and she could search for the letters and numbers on the keyboard. Kind of perfect for a kindergartener!  We then headed to Rubio’s to lunch.  Later when I asked her what she liked best during the day, she replied, “Having lunch out with my mom. That was really fun!”  I agreed.

008When we returned to the office, she told me “I don’t need you to stay with me, Mom.”  She was officially warmed up to her environment.  So, she got to engage in a marketing project and learn about HR, while I got some work done.

It’s always fun and fulfilling to have my work friends tell me how sweet my children are.  Sienna had her share of silliness today, but she was very respectful and attentive.  Also, as the littlest one there, she was pretty adorable!

What a good day.

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