Another Post About Cleaning?? Sort of…

I’m not going to say this trait is the thing I love most about my husband, but it’s certainly special and a huge blessing to me and our family. Dennis has an incredibly strong work ethic. He never expects that anything isn’t his job or his responsibility. If I even hint that something needs to be done around the house, next thing I know he’s working on it.

This is something a wife could totally take advantage of, right??

This morning was a good example of how knowing this about Dennis helps me to relate to him in a fair and loving way. He’s home with the kids today because Sienna’s school and after school program are closed. With the April 15th tax deadline next week, I get to work.

As I was getting ready this morning, I mentioned that I’d planned to do some cleaning around the house tomorrow. Now, if I had said just this, I’d be willing to bet that Dennis would have tackled the house cleaning today. Not wanting to be manipulative, I went on to say, “If you and the kids wanted to get some stuff done today, then we could all go play tomorrow. Or, if you guys want to play today, we can work on the house tomorrow, either way.” I also noted that I’d be home with Mateo next Friday (when his school is closed and my busy season is over) so we could get some stuff done then too.

This comment sparked a relaxed conversation about what needed to be done around the house. We didn’t necessarily conclude on the housework plan, which is completely fine. Either way, things will be cleaned today or tomorrow.

Funny, this post started as an ode to my hard working husband but ended up making me think about how much less I feel the need to plan and control now. It’s been so transformative for me and my marriage! By making more space in our lives and my not needing to plan and know what we’re going to do each moment of the day – Dennis and I are able to engage one another, work together, be spontaneous, and create a much more relaxed atmosphere in our home and family.

Thanks be to God that this awakening has helped me to be a better wife and appreciate the wonderful blessing it is to have such a hard working husband.

Dennis and the kids with geeseDid I mention he’s also an amazind dad?! And not afraid of large birds…?  What a guy! 🙂

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