Kids and Cleaning

We had an unscheduled weekend this past week and it was awesome! Back when I couldn’t comfortably be in the moment, weekends like this were unheard of. I always had something planned (even if it was just in my mind). Actually going into Saturday thinking, “Wonder what we’ll do today?” is still new, but very liberating and exciting, to me.

It was raining on Saturday morning, so it was extra cozy! Our early riser, Mateo and I played for awhile in his room. We opened his curtains, sat on his little toy box seat, read a book and watched the rain. Such precious little moments with my sweet boy.

Later in the day, I was emptying the dishwasher and Sienna skipped into the kitchen. Seeing the dirty dishes in the sink, she announced “I want to wash the dishes!” “Okay, go get your stool,” I replied.

She ran to the bathroom and came back within seconds with her stool. She was super excited to wash dishes and fill the dishwasher and then was so proud of her accomplishment.

Likewise, Teo had a blast helping daddy wash the cars and water plants in the front yard. I came out front to see him squeezing the spray nozzle at the plants. He felt so big!

It’s really awesome to watch the kids grow and be excited to do things with us around the house. Dennis and I tend to rush through household duties on our own, so we can create free time to play with the kids. I’m going to blame it on being working parents. We have a limited amount of time as a family and without consciously choosing this, we have tended to exclude the kids from household duties so we can efficiently get things done and then all go play. This totally sends the message that life is all fun and games, without any responsibilities or work to be done.

Ironically, they’re now willing and eager to do chores around the house. I’m realizing that, for the kids, being with mommy and daddy, trying new things, and learning new skills is more fun and rewarding than going to the park for the hundredth time. We’re building their confidence, teaching responsibility and demonstrating a strong work ethic by including the kids in chores and other household duties.   Plus, since we’re actively engaging our kids, Dennis and I don’t feel guilty for being away from them while we tackle things around the house. Win/win!

kids cleaningkids clean

* These pictures are from a year ago, when the kids cleaning was so novel that I took pictures!


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  1. I really like the way you are incorporating teaching new skills, while being together getting things done! Great for everyone and it will become so common that you will have lots of memories instead of pictures!! xo

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