Love and Basketball

basketballEleven years ago today, I went on my first “date” with the man who would be my husband. March 22nd was a Saturday in 2003 also (did you know you can search for that info online… how cool!).  Date is in quotation marks because our outing wasn’t intended to be a date.  We were co-workers who’d become good friends over the previous 8 months – sharing a love of sports and a fondness for one another.

The Friday before I asked Dennis what he planned to do the next day.  He said, “Going to bar-hop and watch the NCAA tournament.”  I enthusiastically invited myself along by saying, “I want to go do that!”

I picked him up at his apartment downtown and our day began.  Dennis was so cute; he approached the day like he was being my tour guide, since I’d moved to San Diego that summer.  We ate lunch at this awesome Mexican restaurant in Barrio Logan called Cheuy’s (it’s sadly not there anymore).  Our day also took us to Trophy’s in Mission Valley (another place that’s gone!), On the Boarder, Seau’s, Top of the Hyatt on the marina, a bar at Horton’s Plaza, and the Hard Rock Café.  Several times Dennis expected that I’d be ready to head home – I lived in Oceanside at the time, a 45 minute drive north of downtown San Diego.  But, I was having the time of my life and kept saying, “Where next?”

My life changed that day.  I recall sitting next to Dennis and thinking, “This is the most fun I’ve ever had in my life! I want this to be my life.”

Nearly ten years of marriage later – I still can’t imagine a more fun day than watching the NCAA tournament with my husband.

Love this guy!
Love this guy!


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