“Frozen” – Fun for the Whole Family!

023Our family is mildly obsessed with Frozen. Dennis wouldn’t even deny it if you asked him. 🙂 

We’ve seen the movie twice; we listen to the songs on Pandora and watch clips on YouTube routinely. The kids know the songs and we all sing along. Mateo loves Olaf (the snowman) and Sienna believes herself to be Elsa.

If you haven’t seen this Disney film, seriously, go see it! It’s got a great plot, wonderful music, and it’s funny. My favorite part is that the princess isn’t saved by the prince. Sienna is into all the Disney princesses and I fear she’s falling into the trap of believing Prince Charming will make all her dreams come true one day. I’ve been pushing Tangled (because I love it and since Rapunzel is strong and saves the guy!). It’s nice to have another film that emphasizes female strength.

The main song, “Let it Go” is so empowering! I’ll admit to getting choked up each time I hear it. I especially relate to the lyric: “And the fears that once controlled me, can’t get to me at all”.

When Dennis and I watched the Oscars he kept commenting that Frozen should have been nominated for Best Picture. He kept saying, “It was the best film of the year.” To which I had to respond, “And also the only one we saw.” Touché.

I’ve heard folks question whether there’s any such thing as “fun for the whole family”… ?  I think so!  We’re a self-described Disney family and this movie has brought us a lot of fun and family togetherness.


Have you seen Frozen?  I’d love to hear other folks’ thoughts on this movie!

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