Welcome to Be Still and Know!

Hi!  I’m Kelsey and this is Be Still and Know.

I’ve VERY excited to be starting my own blog and sharing it with the world.

My thoughts regarding this blog keep bouncing around in my head because there are so many topics and ideas I want to explore, discuss, and write about here.  That’s the beauty of a blog – it can be whatever I want it to be!  I love to learn and discover new concepts.  Education for its own sake was the motto of my undergraduate program and that philosophy has shaped my life, ever since.

I’m curious – (my parents love to tell me that as a toddler I constantly asked, “What’s that?”) Curiosity has always been in my nature. I find lots of different topics interesting – all of which I’ll write about here.

So, let’s start with the title.  Why Be Still and Know?  Obviously, it refers to Psalm 46: Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10 ESV.  My faith in the triune God – the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – is fundamental to my worldview and being.  I couldn’t imagine putting my thoughts out into the world without expressing my faith and putting Christ in the center of everything.

Be Still and Know also refers to a related topic; what I refer to as my “awakening”.  This past summer I went through some emotional turmoil (which I’ll discuss in LOTS more detail later).  The main lesson I learned during this intense period of growth was to live in the moment and rest in God’s peace, rather than plan incessantly in an attempt to stay “happy” all the time.  Being still, rather than filling every minute with doing, planning, and thinking ahead to the next activity, has been liberating and brought me to a much deeper peace, His peace.  The transformation has been incredible and I have to share what I’ve learned with you all.

Through this blog, I am looking forward to making connections with other people, because that’s what I’m passionate about.  I’m an extrovert and get my energy from other people.  I love hearing people’s life stories, finding out what makes them tick, and exploring the interpersonal aspects of groups. Curiosity strikes again!

For several years I’ve blogged about one topic in particular: diabetes.  I’ve had Type 1 Diabetes since that fateful day in the summer of 1993 when my pediatrician smelled my sugary breath and proclaimed the diagnoses.  After years of following my favorite character, Stacey McGill, in The Babysitters Club series, I knew what diabetes meant and that my life would never be the same.  Luckily, medical advances have allowed diabetics to live a very full life.  It was very fulfilling to blog about my pregnancies which were healthy, happy, and successful!  Although this disease is a part of me, it’s not the only topic I want to write about anymore.   That said, posts about diabetes will inevitably find their way into this blog because this disease and its effects are deeply ingrained in my life.

As a natural expression of my curiosity, I love to read!  If given a couple uninterrupted hours to spend however I choose, I’d head to a coffee shop with a book, every time.  Books expose me to thoughts, ideas, feelings, and stories that change the way I think, feel, and understand the world.  Pure bliss.  I’ll share what I’m reading on here too.

What else?

I’m a wife and mom.  My family is everything to me.

I work full time as a Manager.  I have discovered a lot about myself by managing others and enjoy learning about management skills.

Exercise is a regular part of my life – running, swimming, and hiking/walking, mostly.  Eating a low carb or Paleo diet helps me to keep my blood sugar levels manageable and allows me to focus on all the other wonderful aspects of my life.

I live in the freedom of forgiveness of my sins through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.  Life is good and full of new ideas, interesting people, and limitless experiences.  As one of my favorite Michael Card songs professes, “there is joy in the journey.”

I’d be honored if you joined me for the journey.

My daughter's favorite doddle - a heart with a cross inside.
My daughter’s favorite doddle – a heart with a cross inside.

8 thoughts on “Welcome to Be Still and Know!”

  1. Hey Kelsey! I’m excited to read your blog and get to know you and your family a little better, and I’m looking forward to reading about what God is doing in your life too…Psalm 46:10 is a favorite of mine as well, and I love another translation I’ve read before: “Cease striving and know that I am God” 🙂

  2. I look forward to following your blog and enjoying the many topics that you plan to share. Love the title of your blog, “Be Still and Know,” since it happens to be one of my favorite psalms. Good luck and happy blogging 🙂

  3. So PROUD!!! I am hooked already! 😉 I love the way you write and I can’t wait to be on this journey with you Kels!! Much love for you and all that you are!!! xoxox

  4. Awesome Kelsey! It takes a lot of courage to share our private thoughts and heart. But it helps others , and you, to know that many have a desire and need to relinquish our control. From a type A personality (and planner!) Cheryl Love you.

    1. Hi Cheryl! Yes, so many women I’ve talked to have been able to relate to a need to plan and be in control. So wonderful that Christ invites us to surrender to his perfect plan. 🙂 Love you too!

  5. Aloha Kelsey, I am enjoying reading your blog. It is the first time I have ever read a blog. It is so funny, I was listening to a CD from church today. It was a Mother’s Day service. Yes, I am totally trying to control and also trying to be at peace. It is hard to do both. Anyway, the pastor was saying that we as mothers what people (our kids) see as control is really us moms tryiing to be protective. I am looking forward to keeping up with you more even if it is just through your blog. Hopefully I can tune in to your method of being more peaceful. Love you all. Give the kids a big hug from me. God bless you and this ministry. Rae

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